Lots of Free Wizard101 Crowns

Wizard101 is free to download and play, but like other free games, it uses a freemium model where players are motivated to purchase premium features to further their gameplay once they become addicted to the game. Wizard101 uses “crowns” as premium currency, so you will need them to unlock a lot of cool stuff.

Need For Free Crowns

When you first play Wizard101, you won’t really start off with that many crowns. To get more crowns, you will need to buy them or purchase a membership that will give you access to new places (in a time limit). But who would want to pay for crowns when you can get them for free? We know of a cool blow that will give you couronnes wizard101 gratuit. With this tool, you can have as many crowns as you want in your account, allowing you to unlock everything the game has to offer. Just imagine; you’ll be able to go anywhere and do anything!


Here are the top 3 legitimate ways to get free Wizard101 crowns.

  1. Using FreeKI games trivia.
  2. Downloading a crown generator.
  3. Using the invite a friend program.

Did you know that FreeKI games trivia gives away 10 free Wizard101 crowns for completing fun quizzes with a high score? Not only that, but you can also get a lot of bonuses too. It is really simple and doesn’t take much of your time. Registering on sites like Prize Rebel and Points 2 Shop and doing the offers will also give you free membership for Wizard101. To recap, you can buy crowns by ordering a game card online, which costs a small fee. On the other hand, you can simply earn free Wizard101 crowns by using the methods mentioned above.


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